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High Performance Learning in Junior School

High Performance Learning in Junior School

From our Junior School High Performance Learning Lead

This year we have continued to embed the High Performance Learning (HPL) philosophy into all areas of our Junior School teaching and learning. 

As more schools around the world gain HPL accreditation, from St  Swithun’s  School, Winchester to Doha College, Dubai, we are able to share good practice in an exciting global network.

This year this collaboration has taken the form of several webinars between both academic leads and headteachers. Moreover, in March I was delighted to be able to lead an accreditation for a British school in North Africa.

HPL is also encouraging member schools to put excellent teachers forward to become Global Lead Teachers (GLTs). We were delighted when Mr Taylor was successful this Spring term in being appointed to the position of GLT with  a focus on Special Education Needs. Congratulations Mr Taylor!

Our focus next academic year will be on continuing to ensure that HPL is at the heart of teaching and learning and we will make the most of being a member of a group of excellent international schools to ensure that our practice is consistently outstanding, ambitious and innovative. 

Mrs S Cliff

Junior School High Performance Learning Lead

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