We encourage a broad set of skills, qualities and values which alongside excellent academic results, prepare students for life beyond school.

A level results 2018

Our 2018 Sixth Form students leave us ready to aim high in life. They have become confident, compassionate young women, who will make a positive contribution to society.

Our 2018 A Level headlines are:

  • 45% A*/A grades
  • 68% A* - B grades
  • 100% A* grades in Photography
  • 100% A*/A grades in Music
  • 100% A* - B grades in Art, Drama, Spanish, French and Economics

From Physics at Oxford and Music at Cambridge, to Biological Sciences at Durham, Chemical Engineering at Imperial, Architecture at Manchester, History at Leeds, Economics at LSE, History and Politics at Warwick and English at Nottingham - our class of 2018 will embark on exciting and diverse future paths.

“This year’s excellent results reflect the hard work of our students, as well as the support of our teachers and parents. At St Mary’s we empower girls to aim high, to follow their dreams and to make a positive contribution to society. By encouraging a breadth of skills, qualities and values, alongside academic achievement, we prepare students for life. I am proud to say that behind each future ambition is a young woman with the creativity, confidence and commitment she needs to pursue her path to fulfilment.” Charlotte Avery, Headmistress

A Level - Results by subject breakdown 2016/2017

GCSE results 2018

St Mary’s girls, Cambridge proved today that #yesshecan with our best performance ever at A* or equivalent. A summary of their achievements are as follows:

  • 40% at A* or equivalent
  • 63% of grades at A*/A or equivalent
  • 90% of grades at A*-B or equivalent
  • 40% of girls achieved 8 or more A*/A or equivalent

We are delighted that this year has seen our best ever performance at A*, with 40% of grades awarded at A* or equivalent, an increase of 7% on last year – bucking the national trend that has seen a dip in grades awarded at the highest levels in recent years.

St Mary’s is also proud to going against the grain when it comes to students taking modern languages: whilst those taking languages nationally is in sharp decline, down nearly a quarter in four years, St Mary’s students have excelled across a range of languages:

  • Latin – 100% A* or equivalent
  • Mandarin as a Foreign Language – 86% A*/A, or equivalent, in our first year of entry
  • Spanish – 82% A*/A or equivalent

Building on success in our A Level results last week, success in humanities subjects and the Creative Arts also continues unabated:

  • Music – 100% A* or equivalent
  • History – 89% A*/A or equivalent
  • Religious Studies – 86% A*/A or equivalent
  • Textiles – 84% A*/A or equivalent

At St Mary’s, we believe that student well-being is key, so the School is also pleased to have received excellent Physical Education results, with 100% of grades awarded at A*/A or equivalent.

GCSE - Results by subject breakdown 2016/2017