Duke of Edinburgh's Award

Duke of Edinburgh AwardsBuild your independence, skills and leadership skills by joining the Silver Duke of Edinburgh’s Award in Year 10, as well as gaining a well-respected Award.

This Award is a great way to gain new skills and will make a strong addition to university and job applications in the future. To achieve the Silver Award, you need to volunteer in the community for a minimum of one hour a week for 6 months, undertake to learn a new skill and take part in a physical recreation for a minimum of three months for one and six months for the other.

Many students will have already completed their Bronze Award in Year 9 but it is possible to register as a Direct entrant to Silver if you are new to the school or wish to join at Silver level. If you join the scheme at Silver level, you will also undertake a further 6 months in either the volunteering or the longer of the physical or skills sections.

The final component involves joining a training expedition and a qualifying expedition, which will challenge you to work as a team as you walk, navigate and camp over three days and two nights, carrying a tent, food and all necessary clothing.

Duke of Edinburgh Award information


Expeditions normally take place in October and April and students are expected to have their own walking equipment, with the exception of tent, stove, maps and compasses, which are provided by the school.

Please note: The aim of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme is to foster independence and self-reliance, therefore the groups of girls taking part in expeditions will spend considerable amounts of time without direct supervision.

Staff involved are suitably-qualified and use their experience to carry out a careful risk assessment of the likely hazards facing the participants, both on the route and at camping sites, and take steps to minimise them.

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award expedition training sessions take place on Tuesday afternoons from 4.00pm-5.00pm. Participants are required to attend every session throughout the year to ensure adequate training and preparation for the expeditions. If a participant misses more than three sessions in a term they may not be able to take part in the expedition.

Compulsory trips (Year 10):

  • Practice Expedition (4 days)
  • Assessed Expedition (4 days)

Volunteering, skills and physical recreation sections

Students are largely responsible for the volunteering, skill and physical recreation sections of the Award but this will inevitably involve assistance from parents with transport and general support. Many girls also find opportunities to fulfill the requirements of these sections in school and St Marys staff are very supportive of the scheme. We would like to thank parents in advance for their support which is essential for the success of the scheme.

Approximate cost: £560 including expedition costs, enrolment and administration.

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