Senior School Development

An ambitious remodelling of our Senior School site is currently underway.

This two-year programme (2022-2024) will expand teaching and learning facilities, improve catering and dining facilities, and transform the front facade of the Senior School.

The image below illustrates the external changes, which will be delivered in phases over a two-year period.

Architect plans

Phase 1 (Summer 2022 - Summer Term 2023)

This initial phase will expand and refurbish the Crush Building and modernise the School Dining Hall.

Key benefits include:

  • Four new state-of-the-art classrooms (Crush Building - 3 ground floor and 1 first floor)
  • A modern, vibrant dining hall (see details below)
  • Increased public space on Bateman Street and enhanced landscaping
  • The enclosure of the external fire escape on the Crush Building, improving access to the first and second floors
  • A new outdoor classroom and a LAMDA Speech and Drama teaching space

Further stages of the development will include the extension and refurbishment of the school kitchens, new breakout teaching and learning spaces, installation of a lift and the transformation of the main Reception area.

The images below from van Heyningen and Haward Architects illustrate this development in further detail.

Dining hall refurbishment (Summer 2022)

Designs are still evolving at this stage. The images below share an approximation of how this important communal space will be transformed over the summer break.



How is this development being funded?

The School has secured the funds required to proceed with this development work in order to deliver the benefits to our students as soon as possible.

The Magnolia 125 Campaign encompasses this Senior School Development, alongside four other ambitious development projects. Together, they form a bold vision for the future of teaching and learning at St Mary's School.

Who should I contact for further information?

Any enquiries relating to this development should be sent to the School Bursar at:

Will the building work disrupt school life?

The building work has been planned to minimise any disruption to daily school life. For students, three classrooms will be relocated to temporary classrooms during the building work.

Appropriate risk assessments will be in place to ensure the safety of students and staff and all on-site contractors will be working within the Considerate Construction guidelines.

“Our Senior School development moves forward our bold and ambitious vision for the future of St Mary’s, and highlights the priority we place on investing in the very best facilities and opportunities for our students.”

Stuart Westley, Chair of Governors