Parent partnership

Working with parents, we recognise, encourage and realise every student's potential.

A partnership with parents

Our partnership with parents enables us to gain a true understanding of every student.

We uphold the view of the Catholic church, that ‘the parent is the first educator of the child’. As a school, we commit to walk alongside parents in loving accompaniment. We also understand that parenting, and growing up, is different from each viewpoint, and brings a range of hurdles to overcome and highlights to celebrate.

What we do

We support, encourage and equip parents in their role as the child’s first educator – emotionally, spiritually and ethically, as well as academically. A good understanding and warm relationship between parents and teachers enhances each girl’s education.

  • We build trust between staff and parents, through regular, clear communications about what each student and parent is likely to encounter each term.
  • We collaborate with parents in solving any problems as they arise.
  • We make every effort to listen and offer genuine solutions.
  • We host parent talks, social events, and regular and ad hoc formal and informal opportunities for communication.

As students grow, the parent partnership evolves to reflect each stage of their daughter’s life. Our students gain from seeing their parents participating in school life, and we benefit from the involvement and support of a vibrant, friendly parent community.

“If every child had this kind of education the world would be a better place.” Mrs Charnley, Parent