Academic Scholarship

2019 Balloon DebateOur academic scholars programme offers opportunities to excel in a range of subjects and skills, with experiences that go beyond the curriculum to open up a myriad of exciting possibilities.

For very able students, academic scholarship activities provide scope to extend learning and to reach their full potential.

  • Academic Curriculum Days (Years 7 to 10, 12 and 13) - Our academic scholars join cross cross-curricular sessions. A recent event involved author Julia Golding and the Faraday Institute, bringing new inspiration and ideas into school to explore topics from a fresh perspective.

  • Advanced Learner Challenge (Years 7 to 11)

    • Learn something new

    • Enrich your learning

    • Share your learning with others

  • Balloon Debate (Years 7 to 9) - Research and present on topic of your choosing, based on an overall theme, in front of parents, teachers and Year 6 pupils.

  • Scholar's Liaison (Years 7 to 11) - As a scholar, you will be connected with a Sixth Form student who will act as your mentor and encourage you to contribute to wider school life.

  • Guest Speakers (Years 7 to 13) - Gain insight into the lives and experiences of a wide range of guest speakers throughout your time at St Mary's.

  • Additional Trips (Years 7 - 13) - Selected trips are open to academic scholars, to offer additional learning and experiences.

Scholarships at St Mary's

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