Transport to school

Directions to school and public transport information

Minibus shuttle services

We operate a minibus service from the following locations:

  • Babraham Park and Ride
  • Madingley Park and Ride
  • Cambourne
  • Trumpington Park and Ride
  • Saffron Walden
Charges for minibuses (from January 2022)

Saffron Walden

  • £4.00 daily return
  • £3.00 daily single

All other routes

  • £2.00 daily return
  • £1.50 daily single

Charges will be made termly, in advance and will be included with each termly fees invoice.

Please note

These services are subject to availability and offered on a first come first served basis. Please contact our Operations Manager at: to book a space for your daughter or with any enquiries about this service.

The published arrival/departure times are estimated and may vary slightly due to traffic congestion. Please ensure your child arrives at the departure point a few minutes before the published times. We also a minibus service between the Junior School and Senior School to assist families with students at each site.

Route - Babraham Park and Ride Time
Arrives at Park and Ride 07:30
Departs Park and Ride 07:45
Arrives at Junior School 08:05
Arrives at Senior School 08:15
Departs Junior School 15:50
Departs Senior School 16:15
Arrives at Babraham Park and Ride 16:40
Route - Madingley Park and Ride Arrival Departure
Hardwick - Nutty About Pets car park 07:15 07:20
Madingley Park and Ride 07:30 07:35
Trumpington Park and Ride 08:00 08:05
Senior School 08:20 08:25
Junior School 08:30  
Junior School   15:50
Senior School 16:05 16:15

Trumpington Park and Ride site

16:30 16:35
Madingley Park and Ride site 16:45 16:50
Hardwick - Nutty About Pets car park 17:00 17:10
Route - Cambourne Arrival Departure
Cambourne - The Hub Community Centre 07:00 07:15
Park and Ride 07:30 07:40
Senior School 07:50 08:00
Junior School 08:15  
Junior School   15:50
Senior School 16:05 16:15
Cambourne - the Hub Community Centre 16:55 17:05
Route - Trumpington Park and Ride Arrival Departure
Trumpington Park and Ride 07:40 07:50
Senior School 08:00 08:10
Junior School 08:20  
Junior School   15:50
Senior School 16:05 16:15
Trumpington Park and Ride 16:35  
Route - Saffron Walden Arrival Departure
Swan Meadows Car Park 07:05 07:15
Senior School 08:00  
Junior School 08:15  
Junior School   15:50
Senior School   16:15
Swan Meadows Car Park 17:00 17:10


Cambridge Station is just a ten minute walk away from our Junior School, Senior School, Sixth Form and Boarding accommodation.

We are members of the Cambridgeshire Student Connect scheme which offers students aged between 16-18 in full time education a 50% discount on rail fares. We are also a member of the Travel for Cambridgeshire scheme which offers a 10% discount on staff rail travel. 


We run annual Bikeability sessions to encourage our girls to get active by travelling by bike. We have bicycle parks at Junior School, Senior School and Sixth Form. We are also a member of the Travel for Cambridgeshire scheme which offers discounts at various bicycle shops.

To promote cycling to school, we are planning in-house small bicycle repairs which will be carried out by our fully qualified staff. In addition, we have negotiated a 10% discount for all repairs with Lensfield Road Cycles (please provide proof your daughter attends St Mary's School when arranging your repair).

Beat the rush hour

Junior School Before School Childcare

'Before School Childcare' is provided in exceptional circumstances with at least 24 hours' notice, from 7.15 to 8.00am for Years 1 to 6 (not Reception). Parents must provide their daughter's breakfast, and the cost will be the same as after school clubs. Contact the Junior School office for further details.