Sixth Form

Welcome to our Sixth Form

Our students flourish academically and socially, as they gain the skills, qualities and values they need to pursue a future of fulfilment.

At St Mary's, every student has access to inspiring teaching and personalised support. All girls are known and encouraged to build their unique talents and intellectual independence, in our dynamic setting.

Our A Level choices

A warm welcome from Ruth Taylor, Head of Sixth Form

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Our A Level results

Our students achieve exceptional results across a broad range of A Level subjects.

51 %

A* or A grades

73 %

A* - B grades

100 %

Students pursuing ambitious future paths

“Having joined the school in Year 7, I’ve been aiming to study at the Royal Veterinary College since Year 9. St Mary's has encouraged and supported me to pursue my goal every step of the way.”

Natasha C-C. Student

““The music department is pretty amazing at St Mary’s. I'm delighted to have a place at Cambridge – my teachers encouraged me to apply and were so helpful with the entire process.”

Henrietta McF. Student

“The Upper Sixth has been my favourite year so far at St Mary's – I have enjoyed studying languages and my teachers are inspiring. ”

Flores W. Student

“St Mary’s opens girls’ minds to the world, to have not only knowledge and understanding of it, but to be able to reflect upon culture and society and to contribute significantly to it.”

Rachel Gleeson, Alumna

“I like the ethos of St Mary's School ... it has a holistic approach to education and I think that the staff are as concerned about the social and emotional development of students, as they are with the examination results.”