Original log book (1901-27)

St Mary’s School original log book

Below is a fully digitised version of the original St Mary’s School ‘log book’ which dates from 1901-1927. This term-by-term record of the early days of our school was discovered in the basement of our site on Bateman Street, carefully stored in acid free paper.

The original log book was taken to the Wren Library at Trinity College, part of the University of Cambridge. Here, the original document was digitised with kind permission of the Fellows of Trinity College.

It is intriguing to read about the experiences of staff and students, such as:

'the quiet Easter Term in 1901 except for the excitement of the bump rowing races'


'the move from Furness Lodge to the current home of the Elms in 1904 with the arrival of two little girls from Chesterton, Sibyl Trafford and Audrey de Poix who bolstered the numbers from 3 to 5!'


'The girls enjoyed lectures in History at Trinity College and a visit on Shrove Tuesday from the Duke of Norfolk who generously gave the girls a day of holiday!'

Please do take the time to enjoy this lovely piece of memorabilia: