A Level German

A Level German

From the building of the Berlin Wall to analysis of German film and literature and exploring festivals, art and architecture, this course offers fascinating topics through which to develop your languages skills.

Why St Mary's

Extend and deepen your German language skills with the support and inspiration of teachers who are passionate about this subject - including the Head of German and Dutch Studies at the University of Cambridge. Learn in our newly refurbished suite of language classrooms, with access to the latest German resources.

Our German A Level course offers exceptional preparation for studying language or linguistic courses beyond Sixth Form level. Covering listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, as well as grammar knowledge, the course content includes engaging topics covering different aspects of topical societal and cultural issues in Germany today. You will also explore Germany's role in the EU, political themes and complete an independent research project.

Our enriched learning opportunities can include:

  • Links with inspiring linguists from the University of Cambridge
  • Language week activities and challenges
  • Extension resource to prepare for moving up to A Level study
  • Collaborative digital tasks and competitions
  • Regular lunchtime teacher surgeries to support progress
  • Access to Additional Learning Booklets for explanation and practice
  • One-to-one support with our German Language Assistant
At a glance
  • Cambridge University links
  • Teacher surgeries to support progress
  • In-depth exploration of current topics
  • Independent Research Project
You will enjoy this course if you ...
  • Enjoy language studies
  • Are interested in other cultures
  • Plan to travel or work abroad
  • Have good attention to detail

What our teachers say...

"Teaching German has allowed me to live and travel in three different countries; with my language skills I have met some fascinating people from all around the world and I made many life-long friends."

On a personal level, studying German at IGCSE or A Level will increase your job opportunities and creates opportunities to enjoy a cultured and varied lifestyle. It also boosts your level of self-confidence and is incredibly rewarding.

On a more general level, the study of languages establishes deep connections and cross-cultural interactions resulting in a better understanding between groups, businesses and countries. Learning a foreign language helps promote cooperation between different countries, building a future of peace and collaboration.

Germany is one of the world’s biggest industrial countries with world-famous products. German language skills open up a world of higher education and professional possibilities.

For aspiring scientists, it is interesting to note that not all scientific journals and publications are translated into English. German is the second most common language used in scientific publications, therefore it it a useful skill to have for those working at research level.

Other industries require employees to with German languages skills, including tourism, entertainment, banking, manufacturing, engineering and commerce.

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