Yingting Qian STEM Lab

Inspiring tomorrow's innovators

Lab in useInspiring the coders, engineers, inventors and scientists of tomorrow.

At St Mary's we ignite a passion for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) which stays with our girls for life.

From Preschool onwards, our pupils love exploring STEM projects that reveal the fascinating ways these subjects open up our understanding of the world.

Yingting Qian STEM Lab - opened 2022

To further our commitment to STEM, we opened a dynamic new STEM learning space in 2022. This innovative teaching space is equipped with everything pupils need to experiment, explore, design, test and perfect their innovations and ideas.

Key features include:

  • A large teaching display
  • Clever storage for STEM equipment
  • Flexible folding desks, which can be hidden to open up floor space for collaborative, practical tasks
Looking ahead with ambition

We continue to raise funds to expand our range of specialist STEM equipment and to establish a St Mary's STEM community outreach programme.

This ground-breaking project aims to ignite a lifelong passion for science-based subjects in girls attending St Mary’s; in the wider Cambridge community; and further afield through digital teaching and learning opportunities.

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STEM in Junior School