Our team

At St Mary's, we offer more than a one-size-fits-all approach to education.

Here, teachers are committed to an education that reflects individual needs. We nurture talents and independence, and encourage creativity, self-development and new friendships. St Mary's staff are highly qualified and passionate about their chosen subject.

We provide a strong moral framework for students, reflecting our school aims and values of integrity, justice and respect. We also work closely with parents and work to create a supportive learning environment in which students are cherished and genuine relationships can thrive.

'Pupils form highly positive relationships with each other and with staff and they develop good leadership skills’ with students feeling ‘ready and well prepared for the next stage of their lives.'Independent Schools Inspectorate

Sixth Form Leadership Team

Ms Charlotte Avery

Mr Robin Griffiths
Head of Sixth Form

Miss Victoria Handley
Assistant Head of Sixth Form

Miss Aodain Clover
Deputy Head: Pastoral & Boarding

Dr Patrick Wallace
Deputy Head: Academic

Mrs Kate Mead
Head of Careers

Mrs Laura Brydie
Work Experience co-ordinator