Art and Design: Fine Art

Course specification: EDEXCEL: AS Fine Art 8FA0 and A Level Fine Art 9FA0

Content of AS Level

Component 1 Personal investigation

This component incorporates two major elements: supporting studies and practical. These elements should be seen as integrally connected. The purpose of the personal investigation is to develop a portfolio of practical and written work that shows critical understanding and development of skills and ideas.

Artwork produced will be based around themes and subject matter developed from personal starting points, to be negotiated with the teacher. Students use a range of 2D and 3D materials including painting and drawing, illustration, mixed media and interactive media. The student’s work must be drawn from two or more different disciplines.

Component 2 Externally set assignment

In addition to completing a 10 hour examination piece, students produce preparatory studies which show the development of their final piece. Students may choose to produce work in one or more disciplines.

Content of A Level

Component 1 Personal investigation

This is a broad-based course of study, developed through a range of 2D media, including painting, illustration, drawing and mixed media. The component incorporates three major elements:

  • Supporting studies.
  • Practical work.
  • A written personal study.

Supporting studies and practical work will comprise a portfolio of development work and outcomes based on themes and ideas developed from personal starting points. The personal study will be evidenced through critical written communication showing contextual research and understanding in a minimum 1000 words of continuous prose, which may contain integrated images.

Component 2 Externally set assignment

In addition to completing a 15 hour examination piece, students produce and submit preparatory studies which show the development of their final pieces.

Key skills

  • A growing interest in art, craft and design
  • A lively and enquiring mind
  • A willingness to explore new ideas and communicate them effectively
  • An appreciation of the visual world
  • Information and communication technology
  • Improving learning and performance
  • Working with others
  • Problem solving

Enrichment opportunities

  • Visits to local and national museums and galleries
  • Talks given by visiting artists and designers
  • Workshops

Higher Education and career prospects

The study of Art and Design can help you develop transferable skills to take into a wide range of career and Higher Education opportunities.

After completing the A Level in Art and Design, you will have an impressive portfolio of work that will enable you either to enter the world of work or study for a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design or to follow one of many pathways as a direct entry at degree level in subject areas such as Fine Art, Interactive Media, Illustration, Graphic Communication, Theatre Design, Interior Design or Architecture.

*For both the AS Level and A Level Art and Design courses, Component 1 and Component 2 are internally assessed and externally moderated. External moderation takes place at the end of the course when all units of work are presented in the form of an exhibition.