Every day at St Mary's Junior School is full of discovery, creativity, friendship and fun. From Reception onwards, we nurture each individual girl's talents and foster a love of learning that lasts a life time.

I joined St Mary’s in 2011 after training at the University of Cambridge and gaining over 10 years' experience in education. I am proud to be part of our vibrant school community which has a family feel and a strong ethos at its core.

Mr Matthew O'Reilly

As a High Performance Learning School, we nurture a breadth of skills to help our girls to thrive when they transition to Senior School and beyond. Rather than focusing solely on testing, our approach to learning is tailored to motivate and engage children. This fosters a love of learning from a young age, as we encourage intellectual independence, critical thinking, creativity, confidence and compassion.

Through our Creative Curriculum topics and themes are investigated through the girls’ different subject areas. Core subjects are interwoven and connected across the curriculum, enabling pupils to gain a broader understanding of how, and why, their learning is relevant to them.

Our strong academic record is grounded in pupil well-being. We believe children achieve more when they are happy. In small classes, we provide every girl the individual attention she deserves. By knowing each child, our team of committed, caring teachers offer exactly the right balance of support and inspiration.

Beyond the classroom, we encourage girls to become responsible global citizens. As a Mary Ward School, our approach is grounded in timeless Christian values such as integrity, justice, hard work and freedom. Pupils gain an understanding of global inequalities, why they exist, their own situation in the world, and what can be done to improve, or develop, the situation.

School life is full of joy and opportunity; from exploring the great outdoors, theatre residentials and studying for LAMDA, to coding, learning Mandarin and our weekly STEM afternoons every girl finds opportunities to expand her horizons and discover new talents at St Mary's.

I warmly invite you to visit us and see our school in action,

Mr Matthew O’Reilly, Head of Juniors

"Mr O'Reilly clearly inspires a close and dynamic relationship between all the staff and the girls and there is a sense of unity and shared focus amongst staff. I'm so impressed with the school and so glad our girls are there. I feel they are known and loved, and encouraged. Already I can see the difference this has made to my daughters." Parent Survey 2019