In a nurturing environment, inspired by dedicated teachers, our A Level students fulfil their potential.

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Individual paths

Our curriculum nurtures individual interests and we accommodate all combinations of subjects, however focused or diverse. Across our A Level subjects, we instil a love of learning, as well as developing broader HPL skills and attitudes to prepare students for life beyond Sixth Form.

Students usually select three A Levels from our broad range of options and our academic results are strong across the spectrum, from Humanities and Languages, to the Creative and Performing Arts and STEM subjects.

Balance and breadth

We encourage a broad range of wider knowledge, skills and experiences, so our students learn and develop beyond the A Level syllabus.

Our Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) offers an opportunity to undertake an independent study. Students choose a topic that interests them and the process of completing the EPQ develops skills that universities and employers value, such as independent thinking and intellectual curiosity.

All students also undertake a Philosophy, Ethics and Religion (PER) course which explores a wide range of relevant, contemporary issues from different perspectives.

We also offer the option to study for the Leiths Introductory Certificate in Food and Wine with CTH as an alternative to an A Level. This prestigious course is an opportunity to gain vital skills for life, as well as a professional qualification.

A Level options

Most students select three subjects, which may be suppliemented by the EPQ (Extended Project Qualification).

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In addition, students can also choose to broaden their linguistic abilities through beginners’ GCSE courses in French, German and Spanish. All Sixth Form students participate in general studies to enrich their learning experience, and to develop new academic interests free from the pressure of examinations.

Learning support

We are an inclusive Sixth Form, with a focus on supporting the individual, whatever her strengths and areas for development. In all cases, student progress is monitored carefully and communicated clearly and regularly to parents.

Our Learning Support department also offers guidance to subject teachers and tutors enabling them to better meet a range of individual needs. During study periods, students can access additional learning support.


Homework reinforces and consolidates the day’s learning. It also plays an important role in students being intellectually challenged, by providing an opportunity to delve deeper into a topic and to develop the skills of unsupported study and independent learning.

When homework is set, teachers ensure it is engaging and enjoyable. A Level students are encouraged to develop their own learning outside of school hours as they are with in the school day. Our supportive teachers are available before and after school, or at morning break and lunchtime, to answer queries and support the girls in their work.

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