English Tuition for International Students

Sixth Form studentsEnglish as an Additional Language (EAL)

Our exceptional EAL provision is embedded in our curriculum, at no additional cost to parents. Led by specialist teachers, our EAL lessons develop English vocabulary and grammar, as well as improving reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.

Our EAL provision:

  • 6 x EAL lessons every two weeks Year 7 to 9
  • 7 x EAL lessons every two weeks Year 10 and 11
  • 5 x EAL lessons every two weeks Year 12 and 13 (Sixth Form)

English Language Support (ELS)

In addition to EAL lessons, we also offer English Language Support in Year 7 to 11. ELS lessons can be taken in place of one Modern Foreign Language throughout Senior School. These tailored lessons focus on providing English language skills to support learning in other subjects across the curriculum.

By focusing on language skills to support learning across the curriculum, we help each individual girl reach her full potential.

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EAL qualifications

Senior School

Girls can opt to prepare for internationally recognised Cambridge English EAL qualifications, as an alternative to studying English Language and English Literature GCSEs.

  • Year 10: Cambridge English: First
  • Year 11: Cambridge English: Advanced

The Cambridge English: Advanced qualification does not have an expiry date, so students who perform well can use it to support their university applications. Oxford University, for instance, requires an overall score of 191, with a minimum of 185 in each component; the London School of Economics (LSE) requires an overall score of 185, with a minimum of 185 in each component; the Faculty of Medicine at Imperial College requires 185 overall, with a minimum of 176 in each component.

Sixth Form

Students attend five EAL lessons every two weeks, in addition to their A Level subjects.

International students joining in Sixth Form, or those who wish to improve their current EAL grades, take the IELTS qualification in Year 12 or Year
13. This ensures it is valid for UK visa purposes when students embark on university studies. IELTS meets the English language requirements for
English-medium university courses throughout the world.

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