Sport for all

Our 'sport for all' policy shapes how we approach sport in our Junior School, Senior School and Sixth Form. Encouraging every girl to lead a healthy lifestyle is an integral part of our commitment to supporting pupil happiness and well-being.

Physical Education (PE) lessons and extra-curricular sports are a popular and important part of life at St Mary's, with an emphasis on students participating in a way that reflects individual abilities and choices. Girls pursue sports they are passionate about, supported by specialist teachers, and our elite sportswomen regularly compete at county and national level.

Sport and girls

Reframing Sport a 2019 research report from UK charity, Women in Sport highlights the critical relationship between sport and self-worth, confidence and body image in young girls. The key principles of Reframing Sport are integrated with our overall approach to sport:

8 Principles of Success

  1. No Judgementtake the pressure off performance and give girls freedom simply to play.
  2. Invoke Excitementbring a sense of adventure and discovery.
  3. Clear Emotional Rewardreframe achievement as ‘moments of pride’, not winning.
  4. Open Their Eyes to What’s Thereredefine sport as more than school sport.
  5. Build into Existing Habitstap into existing behaviours in other spheres.
  6. Give Girls a Voice and Choiceallow girls choice and control to feel empowered.
  7. Champion What’s in it for Themmake it much more than just about health.
  8. Expand Image of What ‘Sporty’ Looks Likecreate truly relatable role models which inspire.

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