A place to prepare.

Looking ahead to higher education

Gain the knowledge, confidence and resilience to pursue your next steps.

Making choices

We offer a calm, purposeful environment, in which students can develop intellectual and social independence in preparation for life beyond The Sixth.

Many students pursue courses at leading universities and specialist Further Education establishments, as highlighted by our impressive leaver destinations

Our Careers Department, tutors and teaching staff work closely with students to provide inspiration and guidance in securing their future paths.

UCAS support

We offer extensive, individual support to students completing UCAS applications for higher education.

In Year 12, students undertake a UCAS day, where admissions experts from leading universities, such as the University of Cambridge and Lancaster University share their expertise on what universities are looking for, completing their application and tips on preparing for the future.

Individual support

We help each student to pursue their chosen path. This could range from preparing for an Oxbridge interview, completing specialist assignments for Law or Medicine courses to creating specific portfolios to gain access to leading Art Colleges or Drama Schools.

Our Careers Department organise work placements with students to build valuable experience, which can greatly enhance UCAS applications.

University Women's Club

Founded in 1886 to promote Higher Education for women, the University Women’s Club offers members a friendly and secure London home. The Club provides social events, including opportunities for sharing music, literature and science, and for networking. The Club is open 24 hours a day and has reciprocal arrangements with Clubs worldwide, many of which offer accommodation.

St Mary's students can join The Club on favourable terms. For a lump sum payment, they become members until the January following their 25th birthday. They will then be invited to continue membership without paying the normal entrance fee.

Our students going on university can join in their final year, or up to 18 months after completion of their Sixth Form studies. All applications must be signed by Ms Avery, the Headmistress. For further information please email The Club.