We set no limit on what our students can achieve

At St Mary's, learning never stops. Every day is full of opportunities to discover, question, experiment and reflect.

A love of learning

We foster a love of learning that comes from within. Drawing on the psychology of Intrinsic Motivation, our approach encourages students to discover what motivates them. They learn because they enjoy it.

Our students want to do well for themselves – because it feels good – rather than focusing on examinations or external rewards. This is reflected in our consistently strong academic results.

Built for girls

Everything at St Mary’s is tailored to suit the learning styles and needs of girls. In small classes, we offer exactly the right balance of support, inspiration and challenge to every student.

As a High Performance Learning School, skills such as collaboration, risk-taking, independent thinking, concern for society and perseverance are developed across the curriculum. Girls gain a breath of skills and attitudes proven to prepare young people for study and life beyond school.



“Very glad we chose St Mary's because it has really nurtured their wellbeing, at a time when teenagers face more challenges than ever.”

Parent survey

“Choosing St Mary's is the best decision we could have made. My daughters are both happy and thriving. Their love of learning is encouraged and fostered. Every day on our journey home I listen to my daughter's chatting excitedly and enthusiastically about what they have learned each day.”

Parent survey