Online Remote Learning

In challenging times, the priority of St Mary’s remains the same; to deliver an excellent, challenging and innovative education which fosters an independent love of learning, intellectual curiosity and knowledge.

We are grateful to our hardworking, innovative, creative and dedicated teachers and support staff. They have worked tirelessly to ensure teaching and learning can and will continue remotely for all year groups with minimal disruption.

Online remote learning at St Mary’s is not about sitting at a computer. It is about being inspired and engaged. It aims to empower creative, agile learners. Our remote learning programme covers the academic and the pastoral. It bonds us as a community #stillStMarys.

The booklet below shares our vision for using remote learning as an opportunity to help each student become a better learner. Not only for academic subjects but by continuing enrichment provision and as a means to support everyone within our St Mary’s family.


The need for the supportive, caring community of St Mary’s is greater now, than ever before. It is a time to draw strength from what is familiar and to learn from the challenges we are all facing.

Mrs Charlotte Avery


Mr Matthew O'Reilly

Head of Juniors


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