A St Mary's education

An exceptional foundation

At St Mary’s the vital early years of education form an exceptional foundation for every girl’s future path.

A St Mary’s education

  • Empowers girls to dream big. As a World Class High Performance Learning (HPL) School, we place no limit on what your daughter can achieve.
  • Is built for girls. As an all-girls’ school our education is free of gender stereotyping. Whatever your daughter’s future path, we believe there is no glass ceiling. Everything at St Mary’s is built for girls and we excel at engaging and supporting girls through every stage of their development.
  • Offers specialist teaching from day one. All our girls benefit from specialist teaching in a range of subjects, with a focus on supporting and extending achievement.
  • Is grounded in a nurturing community. Caring is part of our school DNA. Our ethos places courage, respect, compassion and integrity at the heart of school life. Our supportive community goes a long way to ensuring our girls are happy. Our caring teachers know girls only achieve their best, if school is a happy place to be.
  • Inspires curiosity, creativity and confidence. Our specialist teachers bring energy, passion and dedication to learning. We explore subjects creatively, connecting ideas across our curriculum.