Leiths Introductory Certificate in Food and Wine with CTH

This course provides young people with a vital skill for life, and ensures that traditional, core techniques and the associated theory are learnt using delicious recipes. It gives students a thorough understanding of culinary techniques, and the chance to explore the science behind them.

Leiths studentsLeiths and the Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality (CTH) are working in partnership to deliver this innovative course. The Leiths Introductory Certificate runs in parallel with the CTH Level 3 Professional Cookery Programme, which aims to prepare students for a first career role in a kitchen environment.

Units are assessed by practical examinations and by written assignments and students recieve two qualifications on successfully completing five terms.

We offer this courses as an alternative A Level option, and it is taught in the same lesson allocation as other A Level courses.

About the course

With training in understanding recipes, time management, menu planning, food safety and hygiene, food presentation and healthy eating, students gain a solid practical foundation as well as an impressive repertoire that will enable them to cook confidently for small numbers either independently or in a group. Students also gain a basic understanding of wine.

This qualification can lead to professional employment, as students completing this course often find employment in the food industry during their GAP year and beyond, including catering for private clients or in a variety of seasonal jobs in the UK and abroad.

Benefits for the students

  • Equips students with an important skill for life
  • Develops confidence, creativity and maturity
  • Enhances the employability of students
  • Improves time management, organization and team-work skills
  • Valuable addition to CVs

The Leiths Introductory Certificate fulfils the requirements for the ‘New Skill’ section of the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award, is a valued additional element to a UCAS Personal Statement and gives knowledge and confidence to those about to embark on independent living.


  • Continuous classroom assessment.
  • Coursework focusing on menu planning, writing time plans and informal tests
  • 2 ½ hour practical exam covering dishes cooked during the course
  • Theory exam on skills learnt and developed throughout the course

Grade bands for CTH Level 3 UCAS tariff

  • Distinction 80% (UCAS tariff: 36)
  • Merit 60-79% (UCAS tariff: 24)
  • Pass 40-59% (UCAS tariff: 12)