At St Mary's I am a fashion designer

In Sixth Form, learning is about encouraging intellectual independence, sparking curiosity and broadening horizons.

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A love of learning

In Sixth Form, we continue to foster a love of learning, that comes from within. Drawing on the psychology of Intrinsic Motivation, our approach will encourage you to discover what motivates you. Our students want to do well – because it feels good – rather than focusing on examinations or external rewards. This approach is reflected in our consistently strong academic results.

St Mary's girls have attitude

That is, the right attitude when it comes to learning and study. Through High Performance Learning, you will develop skills such as collaboration, risk-taking, independent thinking, concern for society and perseverance.

Learn YOUR way

In our smaller class sizes you will have access to inspiring teaching, personalised to suit your particular learning style. Tutorial based teaching creates opportunities for every student to build confidence, find their voice and develop intellectual independence in a supportive, stimulating environment.

Be happy; achieve more

We believe you can achieve your best if you are happy. We listen to our students and value their happiness and well-being. In Sixth Form, this encourages a sense of community, support and compassion.