Course specification: Edexcel GCSE (9-1) Drama (1DR0)

GCSE Drama offers students a challenging academic course with a practical approach to Drama. The course enables students to develop practical Drama skills and techniques through workshops and performances.

Drama in actionIt encourages them to independently analyse and evaluate their own work and the work of others whilst identifying and understanding what makes good theatre. Students will make social, cultural and historical links exploring the potential for Drama whether created from devised work, improvisation or through the interpretation of a play text.

Themes and issues emanating from the drama are examined, developed and reflected upon. There is an opportunity to see several different plays both in Cambridge and
further afield as well as perform themselves in front of an external examiner.

Drama challenges students and develops a number of transferable skills: Research, independence, collaboration, analysis, evaluation, communication, presentation, time management, ICT, problem solving, planning and organising, drive and determination.

Course content

Component 1: Devising Drama 40%

This component deals with devising, which is an exciting and challenging opportunity to work collaboratively with others to explore a range of stimuli in order to create an original performance piece. It allows both performer and designer the opportunity to stretch the limits of their creativity and imagination, while exploring a theme or topic of interest to them and their intended audience.

Students will develop skills in group work, research and negotiation, while also developing creativity, performance and design skills. Students will consider the impact that they can make on an audience, as they develop the ideas that they want to communicate. In addition to the performance, students will be marked on an accompanying portfolio which documents evidence of the development process, analysis and evaluation of their performance.

Component 2: Performance from Text 20%

Students will take part in a showcase, demonstrating their chosen skill in a live performance. This component deals with developing knowledge, understanding and
skills in exploring and performing from a performance text. Students will interpret, rehearse and refine their work leading to a final performance of two key extracts from a play. Students will be required to produce a short accompanying outline explaining their intentions for and approach to each performance piece.

Performance and Response (Written Examination) 40%

Students will explore practically how a complete performance text might be interpreted and realised from ‘page to stage’. This exploration will give students an insight into how texts may be brought to life for an audience and the creative roles within this process.

Students will also analyse and evaluate their experience of a live theatre performance as informed members of the audience. They will develop skills to recognise the meaning created in the theatre space in order to communicate ideas to an audience. This will give them a more critical and varied approach to their own work as theatre makers.

Mandatory trip: GCSE Drama Trip, Years 10 and 11. Approximate cost: £20.

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