Guardianship & Visiting Cambridge

Living in Cambridge

All international students, regardless of age, must have an educational guardian while studying with us.

Guardians play an important part in the student’s boarding life and should communicate with the student’s tutor at the beginning of their course.

Guardians are also expected to attend parent evenings and events or arrange a representative to attend in their absence. Parents who have appointed a guardian that plays no part in the boarder’s life at school and does not make the effort to visit will be asked to change the guardian to a more appropriate company or individual.

More about Guardians

Visiting Cambridge

If you are planning to visit St Mary's in person, want to pass on details to your families to visit their daughters, or simply want to come to Cambridge for a holiday, the following links are a good place to start:

We look forward to welcoming you to Cambridge soon, please contact admissions if you have any specific questions about your visit.

Christmas at the University of Cambridge

A highlight of the boarding year is our annual Christmas Dinner, held at the University of Cambridge.