Classical Greek

Course specification: OCR: AS Level H040

Content of AS Level

Classics TripUnit 1 Classical Greek language

Students improve language skills by learning new grammar, constructions and a set vocabulary list. The first section of the examination involves translating a passage into English. In the second section, students choose between answering comprehension questions on a passage or translating five sentences into Greek.

Unit 2 Classical Greek literature

In this unit, students study two set texts, learning a little about the events at the time of their composition, but the main focus of study is the authors’ use of language. In the examination, students answer comprehension questions on both texts and translate a short extract of each into English. Current authors include Herodotus or Plato and Homer or Euripides.

Key skills

  • Analytical reasoning
  • Language skills

Enrichment opportunities

  • Trips to museums with classical collections
  • Attending the University of Cambridge’s Greek Play and other theatre visits
  • Attending the University of Cambridge’s classical lectures
  • Regular Classics trip to Greece or Italy

Higher Education and career prospects

Studying Classical Greek provides a sound and highly esteemed preparation for a wide variety of academic courses, including Law, History, English, languages and Classics.

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