Learning Support for Key Stage 4

Learning Support

If you undertook Learning Support lessons in Key Stage 3, you can choose to continue these in Years 10 and 11. These lessons will respond to your individual needs and typically include additional support with coursework, revision and key topics. This option does not lead to a qualification.

Why St Mary's

Our experienced Learning Support department works across all subject areas to ensure every student has access to the individual support that she needs to fulfil her full potential.

If you have undertaken Learning Support lessons in Year 7, 8 or 9, then you can opt to continue these tailored sessions in Year 10 and 11 to support your progression in other subject areas. These Learning Support lessons replace one (I)GCSE subject on your timetable and do not offer a qualification.

Learning Support lessons offer:

  • Regular, timetabled learning support
  • Small learning groups
  • A tailored approach to meet individual needs
  • Generic study skills sessions (including note taking, reading fluency and comprehension, voabularly, revision and numeracy skills)
  • Specific subject support
  • Supported study periods for independent work, with access to support if needed

Learning Support lessons are flexible and respond to individual needs. You can use this time to work on coursework, revisit specific topics or receive general help with aspects of study, such as revision.

Please note: If you do not opt for timetabled Learning Support lessons, but later decide they would be beneficial, we may not be able to provide them owing to timetable constraints.

At a glance
  • Small learning groups
  • Regular timetabled support
  • Individual approach
  • Study skills development
  • Subject specific support
  • No qualification

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