Learning Support

Students who have received Learning Support lessons in Year 7, Year 8 or Year 9 may opt to continue these sessions into Year 10 and Year 11. These lessons replace one subject on the timetable and do not offer a qualification.

Timetabled Learning Support lessons in Year 10 and Year 11 are organised within small groups and combine generic study skills sessions, mainstream subject support, and supported study periods, all tailored as far as possible to the needs of the individual.

  • Generic study lessons will concentrate on developing such skills as: note taking, reading fluency, reading comprehension, vocabulary extension, revision and numeracy.
  • Mainstream subject support lessons are taken by Miss Earley, or one of our Learning Support Assistants.
  • With various subject teachers, Miss Earley or one of our Learning Support Assistants.
  • Supported study periods will allow girls to work independently, with an adult available to offer support if needed.

The arrangements for Learning Support lessons are flexible: girls being free to work on coursework, revisit specific topics or receive general help with the organisation of subject files, revision and other learning according to their need at the time.

Please be aware that if students do not opt for timetabled Learning Support lessons, but later decide that they would be beneficial, we may not be able to provide them owing to timetable constraints.