English Language Support

Students whose first language is not English and who require extra assistance with their English language to aid their progression in other subjects are advised to opt for English Language Support.

These classes help them to keep on top of their homework and to build the confidence they need to make the most of their subject lessons. This support replaces a Modern Foreign Language in the timetable. English Language Support lessons are used as follows:

  • Students of Geography, History, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Religious Studies may receive additional instruction from subject specialists to reinforce the teaching in mainstream lessons. In a much smaller class, students who have subject specific language difficulties are able to raise questions which they may hesitate to ask in a class where the majority of the students are English native speakers.
  • An English Language Support teacher (either an EAL teacher or a subject specialist) may assist a student at the request of another teacher who is concerned that language difficulties are affecting the student’s performance in that subject. Otherwise, students continue with work that has been assigned in other subjects and will receive guidance on language points which cause difficulties.
  • Students whose homework, test or examination results indicate that they need help with particular aspects of the English language, such as pronunciation or grammar, or who have been advised in written comments to consult an English Language Support teacher, receive individual support.
  • Students who have questions about teachers’ comments on their homework can ask the English Language Support teacher to explain them.
  • Because English Language Support lessons aim to address English language problems, students are expected to bring text-based work to the classes.

*Please note, this class does not offer a qualification