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Senior School Summer 2019 Production

Senior School Summer 2019 Production

In the Summer Term of 2019, our Year 7 and 8 students performed a wonderful Commedia dell’arte  masked piece of theatre in the Senior School garden, entitled ‘Magnifico’s Visit’. 

Taking the audience back to 16th century Italy and the small unknown town of Santa Maria de Camponte Pinot Grigio, we saw the inhabitants prepare for the greatest day of their lives as they discovered that the revered Magnifico is paying them a visit!

Little does he know that the town is in disarray and its townsfolk are unable to organise anything, including themselves! This wonderful comedic piece was imaginatively devised by the cast, with brilliantly timed ensemble movement and well executed slapstick moments.

One audience member commented: “I honestly didn’t stop smiling and laughing from the very moment it started; it was just brilliant; the timing was spot on!”

Mr Abery, one of the directors, said:

“Comedia dell’arte is a brilliant theatre form but can be very challenging to perform, due to the need for near-perfect comic timing and ability to devise humorous short scenes. These wonderful Year 7 and 8 performers not only met these aspects but excelled at them, and created an exciting performance both modernised to be relevant to the audience yet true to this historic style of theatre.”

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