Academic excellence

Magnolian 2022/23 | Image: Karla C-C. Year 11

HPL in focus

Academic highlights
91 %

of GCSE grades awarded at A*-C (9-5)

65 %

of GCSE grades awarded at A*/A (9-7)

45 %

of A Level grades awarded at A* or A

GCSE Art Exhibition 2023


A Level Photography Exhibition 2023


A Level Art Exhibition 2023


“St Mary’s continues to be at the forefront of educational ideas, with a sound foundation in traditional teaching and learning; it is a school which is producing the types of students who will shape the world to come. It is a school and community at which, after the first year of working, I am proud to be a member.”

Dr Paddy Wallace, Deputy Head: Academic

“Following an ethos of 'with the students, not too them' that reduces didactic teaching, students are encouraged to develop a range of 'thinking' skills like metacognition, problem-solving and creative thinking and 'attitudes' such as resilience, willingness to take risks and the willingness to listen to alternative perspectives.”

Dr Andy Flint, HPL Lead Teacher