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Year 7 students write poems to mark World Poetry Day

Year 7 students write poems to mark World Poetry Day

Following on from Sunday 21 March, which was World Poetry Day, students in Year 7 wrote and shared some poems in English classes in the final week of the Spring Term. Here are a few examples:


The snow is a parade of white fairies,

Twirling and swirling in the air,

The gentle fluttering of their ice shard wings,

Joining together to create a flurry.

At first, they’re just beautiful, gentle and light,

But the more of them that come, the more

They grow, and slowly they turn from sky

Ballerinas into horses, charging at full


Their manes flying out behind them,

Their tails swishing along in tune,

Their hooves kicking white dust out into

A storm behind them,

Their beauty lost, fear taking its place

And just as quickly as they come the

The horses go.

The few fairies left sink into the ground

Just waiting to come back



The snow is a piece of paper,

Blank, white and empty,

Until something comes along and leaves its imprint,

The page is filled up with footprints,

The snow is filled up with words.


The snow falls again covering up everything,

The page is turned to a new chapter,

The footprints in the snow forming a story,

Then the snow melts and the story comes to an end.



The sky is a soggy rag

So wet you could wring it out

And when you do

It comes from up high

To let it drip drop on you


The Snake and the River

We slither, we wind, we are aligned,

Side by side, I slide around corners,

My body glides,

Even if it isn’t through the sky,

The river scrambles,

To receive its prey,

Past all the trees, day by day,

Its beady eyes never shut,

For then the water will wildly spray,

And I will become untamed,

Sometimes, I will curve gently through the rocks,

But others, I will eat up,

Anything that may stand in my way,

I’ll fight to the end,

The snake, the river, we bend...



A rainbow blanket

They colour the plain fields and

Show that spring has come


The white, crisp snow melts,

The fresh grass has been revealed

The summer has come


The students waiting

Staring at the ticking clock

Then the clock strikes four



There once was a cat on a mat

Who thought to himself ‘I’m so fat’

He went to get food

To cure his bad mood

That silly old cat on the mat


There once was a frog on a log,

Who wished that he could be a dog,

And eat bones all day,

And just play and play,

That silly old frog on a log


There once was young girl named Jilly

Who was clumsy and awfully silly

She fell over the chair

Got her food in her hair

And screeched “Ugh, I’m so silly!”

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