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Year 7 girls wax lyrical over lockdown business success

Year 7 girls wax lyrical over lockdown business success

You’re never too young to have a great idea, but it takes real entrepreneurial spirit to turn one into a thriving business. So we’re particularly proud to share the story of Year 7’s Emma and Eilidh and their enterprise: the Handmade Candle Company Cambridge.

Their ethically-sourced candles are made solely from soy wax and natural perfumes, such as top sellers Orange and Cinnamon, or Pomegranate and Fig. They are hand-poured to order, into glass containers, which can be returned for a refill via an electric vehicle-run collection service.

The girls started in September 2020, selling to friends and family, but their planet-friendly approach soon caught on. To date they have sold over 300 candles which have travelled as far as Scotland and Spain. The candles are stocked locally in Provenance Kitchen, Whittlesford, and have now been featured in Velvet Magazine.

Emma and Eilidh say they wanted to put their spare time into “something that made people happy. Since Covid, people were spending a lot of time at home and a candle is a way to make it feel warm and to change the atmosphere”.

Congratulations to both girls on an amazing achievement – and in such a short space of time!

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You can enquire about the candles at @cambscandles_ or on email: 

Their article in Velvet can be seen below: