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Year 7 and 8 take on Bright Futures' Enterprise and Employability Workshops

Year 7 and 8 take on Bright Futures' Enterprise and Employability Workshops

As part of our commitment to providing age-appropriate careers advice and training, on 2 February, Bright Futures Experience Ltd delivered an Enterprise and Employability Workshop for Year 7 at St Mary’s, followed by an Employability Workshop for Year 8. These gave students a taste of how thrilling setting up and running a business can be, as they went head-to-head with other teams to complete realistic marketplace challenges. These activities illustrated how strategy and organisation are critical for success in the business world.

The first interactive session taught Year 7 about entrepreneurship, the top skills used by successful entrepreneurs, and the difference between commercial and social enterprise. They also took part in an activity that introduced Labour Market Information, to help them make informed career choices. Students explored growth sectors in the economy, how numerous vacancies are advertised, and what people get paid for specific jobs.

The session began with a social enterprise challenge that involved making a product, a Makarapa Hat, and showcasing it to the year group. This was followed by Festival Frenzie – a risk and reward challenge that tasked students with deciding whether to buy wellington boots or sunglasses to sell at an imaginary summer music festival. The weather was determined by a roll of dice, adding an element of risk. Students loved it when their risk paid off, and learned valuable lessons about how to manage risk, safe ways of investing their money and how to spend money wisely. Working in teams, this challenge also helped to strengthen their communication and teamwork skills, which are invaluable in the workplace.

 In the afternoon, Year 8 took on their Bright Futures challenge. This centred around finding out more about the supply chain and many components and companies involved in making the iphone. The session ended with a production and trading challenge based on Dragon’s Den. In their teams, the students had to make display boxes for loyalty cards, using paper, pens, Sellotape and scissors that were issued by an imaginary shop at a certain cost. They then had to sell their items back to the shop for a profit. The students learned the value of dividing the tasks up between their team-mates to produce their boxes more efficiently and negotiating the selling price to increase their net profit. One student said, ‘I found negotiating our skills in a team very helpful during this challenge.’ Through this task, students modelled the concept of global supply chains and deepened their understanding of the complex relationship between the job roles and activities that lead from raw materials to end customer.

These tasks not only modelled real-world business concept and scenarios, but and allowed students to practice the skills essential to workplaces, including time management, communication skills and teamwork. Find out more about careers at St Mary’s here.