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Year 6 enjoy a 'taste' of Leiths 'Let's Cook' lessons

Year 6 enjoy a 'taste' of  Leiths 'Let's Cook' lessons

The first week back in the Spring term has seen Year 6 students enthusiastically 'tuck-in' to the first of seven after-school Leiths "Let's Cook" lessons. 

Rebecca Landshoff, Head of Food and Nutrition explains: "Our first two lessons are an introductory taster of things to come, with fresh, fluffy scones and raspberry jam successfully mastered this week. Next time we will learn the many ways to cook the humble, yet challenging, egg."

Exciting dishes such as Scandinavian style herb-crusted salmon, lamb koftas and freshly made pasta will follow in later, more challenging tasks from the Prue Leiths course.

In Year 11 students can sign up to an extra-curricular seven-week course called "Flavours and Styles" to further enhance their skills.

These after school extra-curricular tasters are designed to give students an insight into the potential of the more formal Leiths Introductory Certificate to Food and Wine with CTH (the Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality) which can be studied as an A-level equivalent in St Mary's Sixth Form.

Leiths Certificate in Food and Wine with CTH at St Mary's