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Year 5 preview Studio 47 Summer Exhibition

Year 5 preview Studio 47 Summer Exhibition

We were so pleased to have hosted our wonderful Year 5 cohort on 9 June for an inspiring preview of the Summer Exhibition, opening on Thursday 16th June. The students enjoyed a first look at the display and had the privilege of the complete Arts Centre to themselves to investigate and view the artwork.

After a tour of the exhibition and talks given by the art teachers, the Year 5s embarked on a continuous line workshop, having lots of fun with the Senior School art teachers. They explored how important the use of line is in art and how it can communicate visually. 

A Year 5 student commented,

 ‘I enjoyed the continuous line workshop, and the artwork we saw in the exhibition was very inspiring, I’d like to come again to see it’.  

The Studio 47 Summer Exhibition is open to visitors by invitation on Thursday 16 June 5.30-7.30pm. You can view galleries of A Level art, photography, and GCSE art online ahead of the exhibition. We cannot wait to welcome the whole school community to our Arts Centre.