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Year 12 explores Asiatic ink wash painting

Year 12 explores Asiatic ink wash painting

Year 12 Fine Art students have been exploring art of different cultures and contexts. They worked to develop a greater level of technical and critical understanding of the processes used in Sumi-e, also known as ink wash painting. Ink wash painting is a manner of brush painting that uses black ink at different concentrations to create the illusion of atmospheric perspective and depth. This process is considered to have emerged during the Tang dynasty of China. It became a hugely popular and favoured style. The students looked at work by artists from Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China, then developed their own compositions and artworks using the techniques and principles they had studied.  

Fisayo O. said,

‘I enjoyed researching Asiatic art, it gave me the chance to explore new methods of painting and identify the difference and similarities between European and Asian art forms.’ 

Ms Conroy Head of Art said, ‘We encourage students to look beyond the artistic influences of what might be considered traditional European styles, this is so they might broaden their understanding of the world’s rich tapestry of cultures’.  

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