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Year 11 Food and Nutrition students practise delicious exam dishes

Year 11 Food and Nutrition students practise delicious exam dishes

Year 11 students preparing for a GCSE in Food Preparation and Nutrition have been busy perfecting their culinary skills, producing an incredible array of dishes ahead of their GCSE exams next summer.

From filleting fish to producing faultess souffles and pasta, each culinary creation has been prepared from scratch, ticking all the nutritional boxes along the way. Students completed a practise exam, which lasted three-and-a-half hours and the impressive end results highlighted what can be achieved with some planning, organisation and a good helping of determination.

The GCSE course illustrates that there are two key reasons to learn to cook well. One is for pleasure: for all the tastes, flavours and the social interaction. The second reason is to combat the temptation to go for over-processed, unhealthy, pre-prepared food that requires little skill or time.

We think all the dishes they presented hit the spot!

Quiche and salad, salmon with asparagus and a chocolate roulade, Emerson A. Carrot and coriander soup with a fresh bread roll, spinach and ricotta ravioli and tarte au citron, Isabella W. Broccoli and stilton soup with a crusty roll, fishcakes with homemade tartar sauce and a lemon meringue pie, Izzy C.

Charlotte Avery, Headmistress, said: 'I can attest to the deliciousness of the food! Congratulations to our students on their massive achievement - a lot of learning and hard work has clearly gone in to producing these mouth-watering dishes.'

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