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Year 10 conduct experiments with yeast at home

Year 10 conduct experiments with yeast at home

Lockdown has bought with it many challenges for our teaching staff and pupils. Mrs Landshoff, however, has still managed to ensure her Year 10 cohort taking their Food Preparation and Nutrition GCSE are not missing out, as she used her inituition and expertise to enable girls to practise for their food science coursework from home!

Plastic test tubes and racks from Amazon replaced her usual equipment that is 'locked down' at Bateman Street and in true St Mary's girl spirit she set up the yeast experiment from home. They could then observe the yeast in different conditions, see how to set it up for themselves, and recorded observations at two different points in time!

Our teaching staff are all missing seeing girls in the labs and classrooms but we couldn't be prouder of all they are doing to still make remote learning relevant and fun. 

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