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U14 football teams proud to be breaking stereotypes 

U14 football teams proud to be breaking stereotypes 

St Mary's Senior School footballers say they are both proud and lucky that the school has two U14's football teams playing competitively, as it helps break down the stereotype that only men can play football.

"This week we played against Comberton and sadly lost. However it was a great experience and we had loads of fun. Despite it being only our second game of the season, and lots of us not having played together before, we played our best and we came away happy." said team captain, Annabel W.


Eilidh H., pointed out that

"In 2023, more than ever before, it's becoming clear that anyone, of any gender, any background, can play the sport they want."

In a week where is has been agreed that Wales' men's and women's football teams are, finally, to get equal pay, these are wise words indeed from our under-14's.

Congratulations to our footballers for their keen spirit and resilience: Annabel W., (Captain),Eilidh H., Caroline C., Emilia M., Busra I., Leena A.F., Bonnie P., Emily R., Sofia M., Charlotte M., Amy M. and Eleanor A.

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