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The Senior Mathematical Challenge results are in!

The Senior Mathematical Challenge results are in!

Earlier this month, 42 Year 11 and Sixth Form students put their Maths skills to the test in the UK Mathematics Trust (UKMT) Senior Mathematical Challenge — a 90-minute, multiple-choice test, designed to promote mathematical reasoning, precision of thought and fluency in using mathematical techniques to solve interesting problems. We are delighted to have received a stunning set of results, with over half of our participating students receiving a Bronze, Silver, or Gold award.

In Year 11, Tabitha B., Natasha L., Anna L., Sally M., Hattie R., Rennie Y. and Amy Y. performed brilliantly, achieving the Bronze award. Special mention is due to Abby C., who achieved the only Silver award in Year 11, and to Elizabeth G., who not only scored the highest in her year group, achieving the Gold award, but also in the school status, earning the ‘Best in School’ award! We are immensely proud that this is the second year that Elizabeth has come 'Best in School', and she has also been invited to the Senior Kangaroo, the next stage of the competition.

Our brilliant Lower Sixth Form students, Bernice C., Medeea G., Sophia L., Obelia L., Peony L., Nicole T., Elena W., Katherine W. and Ivy W. also were awarded the Bronze Award, while Maryam G., Susan S., Cecilia Y. and Lisa Z. achieved Silver standard. Well done to Lisa for also topping her year group, being awarded ‘Best in Year’.

In the Upper Sixth Form, Sophia Z. and Xinyi Z. also had amazing results, gaining the Silver award, with Sophia coming ‘Best in Year’.

Congratulations to all the students who took the challenge. We are looking forward to Elizabeth's next round of the challenge in December! You can find out more about Maths at St Mary’s here.