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The Normans are a hit in Year 4 History class

The Normans are a hit in Year 4 History class

Last week, St Mary's Junior School students attended their first lessons of the term. In Year 4, History was a particular hit, as the students began learning about the Normans. The girls explored the Norman Conquest, focusing on the Duke of Normandy William I and his competitors' claims to the throne. 

Year 4 teacher Mrs Lavoie reports that she was impressed by the students’ prior knowledge on the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings –a topic that they had enjoyed greatly in Year 3. Building on these foundations, the girls were presented with the three contenders to the throne and had to decide who would make the best king. They used their creative thinking skills to present posters or leaflets in favour of their choice, with one student even writing a speech for her candidate! 

At the end of the day, the class reflected on their lessons, with many girls sharing how much they had enjoyed their History lesson. We’re delighted that the girls are settling in to the school day once again and already enjoying their lessons.

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