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The Big Plastic Count

The Big Plastic Count

The Eco Committee at St Mary’s School is encouraging students and staff to get involved with the Big Plastic Count happening this week, Monday 16th May to Sunday 22nd.  

Plastic is a huge problem for the environment as many of us are aware – but how much plastic waste are we as a nation generating? And where does this plastic waste go? Greenpeace and Everyday plastic have teamed up to investigate this by organising the biggest plastic survey across the nation. As the Government begins to decide on legal targets for reducing plastic waste, this survey of data is hugely important as there is currently not enough data on household plastic waste. 

The Big Plastic Count is easy to do and simply involves counting all your plastic waste for a week. Whether it’s bottles, containers, or bags and whether it’s recyclable or not, simply record it on the tally sheet provided once you sign up. Then at the end of the week, add your data online.  

Students and staff across St Mary’s School have received information from the Eco Committee about how to get involved and can find their links for where to submit their data for the end of the week in their Big Plastic Count email. The Eco Committee also wants to encourage as many people as possible to participate and everyone is welcome to take part in this important survey. Follow this link for further information of how to sign up. The more people who take part the stronger the evidence that action is needed to combat plastic pollution!  

The inspiration behind The Big Plastic Count comes from Everyday Plastic founder Daniel Webb who counted his all his plastic waste for 12 months and photographed it for billboards. He was shocked that his plastic waste totalled 4,490! Daniel says,

“Having counted my plastic waste for an entire year, I know exactly how powerful this investigation can be in helping to understand the true extent of the plastic problem. The Big Plastic Count is a simple yet impactful way to discover your household plastic footprint, whilst contributing vital evidence to push the government for long overdue change.”

Although, like Daniel, you may also be shocked at the amount of plastic waste your household generates, it is not about feeling guilty when we need to use plastic but about all working together towards protecting our planet. And important schemes like this are part of that journey. 

The Eco Committee hope as many students, staff, and others as possible will get involved with The Big Plastic Count 2022 and encourage all to take action to tackle plastic pollution and make a push for change! 

As Chris Packman, wildlife expert, TV presenter, and conservationist says,

“It’s ridiculous that we’re still swamped with plastic waste when it makes so many of us furious. The natural world can’t cope. We need to find out what’s really happening to plastic that’s supposedly recycled. I’ll be joining The Big Plastic Count and I’d urge you to do it too.”