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The Arts Award

The Arts Award

The breadth of students’ approaches to their own personal Arts Project was outstanding this year.

Taking flight

Students really took the opportunity to develop their own interests and create unique responses to the theme of ‘Taking Flight’. Students developed and refined skills in areas as diverse as stop motion animation, poetry and costume design, working collaboratively in many instances to produce imaginative and ambitious outcomes. I was impressed with the individuality of the projects and how much care, attention and time had been invested by students in the development of their ideas and refinement of their projects.

Nina L.’s dress is an outstanding outcome showing real ambition and technical skill. Nina sourced her own fabric and chose her own pattern, which incorporated many technically demanding aspects including inserting a zip.
Tuppence J.-K.’s poetry shows imaginative and evocative use of language to portray the season of winter.

Snowy owl

The snowy owl flies over the skies
The winter season is here! He cries
Back from the ground the robin replies,
“Over the forest the snowy owl flies”

The snowy owl on the branches sing
“The winter’s here on his snowy wings!
Oh, the joy that winter brings!
The winter music is blossoming”

On the tree the snowy owl sits
Powdered sugar slowly falling from it
The winter wind blows at no limit
Here has come the winter spirit

Again, the snowy owl took flight
Flying from a towering hight
“From up there it’s a beautiful sight”
He said as he flew through the last of the daylight

Students have shown great initiative and independence in developing their own projects and researching their own ‘inspirational artist’.

Working during lockdowm, students have developed their autonomy and self-motivation whilst creating a presentation about an Arts practitioner of their own choice. Through their current ‘Arts skills share’ project they are developing confidence in presenting to their peers, and enhancing their teamwork and leadership skills, whilst also encouraging students to take control of their own learning. 

Over the past year, the pandemic has thrown into sharp relief the importance of the Arts. Both the appreciation and the creation of Art can sustain us in difficult times; we can find solace in beauty and consolation in creativity.

The theme of this year’s Arts Award, ‘Taking Flight’, has proven most apt, as students have come so far in the face of unprecedented challenges, to grow as creative individuals and spread their Arts skills and knowledge with others.

Miss Robley

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