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Students present their Extended Project Qualifications

Students present their Extended Project Qualifications

On 20, 21 and 22 October, Year 13 presented their Extended Project Qualifications (EPQs) in a marketplace activity in the LRC. As part of the marketplace, they set up stands portraying how their project developed, and answered questions regarding their planning and research, the problem solving and other skills they developed during the project, as well as its outcome and the results of any surveys that had been done.

Our Upper Sixth girls produced a variety of highly innovative Extended Projects. Their highly creative and innovative outcomes have included: a guidebook on modern Kosovo; a dyslexic-friendly children's book; research on the art of anime and the creation of a short anime film; a garment inspired by gothic architecture; another based on architectural principles and shapes; and a third based on recycled materials; a comparison of UK and Chinese contract law; the evolution of orthodontics; the role of female conductors; the translation of part of ‘Lord of the Rings’ into ancient Greek and a self-published book on astronomy:

The varied topics encompassed many disciplines, from science to art and languages, and included the following, to name but a few:

  • The effect of social media on young people’s mental health
  • The psychology of learning a language
  • The evolution of orthodontics
  • Transhumanism
  • How mental health affects productivity in the workplace
  • Endangered Safari Birds and Animals
  • Medical Negligence

Teachers and fellow students were very impressed by all the hard work that had gone into the EPQs, and by how eloquently and enthusiastically the girls talked about their chosen subject.