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Students launch Classical Civilisation club

Students launch Classical Civilisation club

Classical Civilisation is a popular GCSE and A Level subject at St Mary's, which allows students to explore ancient Greece and Rome through translated literary works. This subject is now accessible to younger members of the school, as Year 12 Classical Civilisation students have launched an club to share their knowledge of different aspects of the ancient world with Year 7 and 8. On Thursday 21 October, they led the first session ⁠— a Halloween spooky special on ancient beliefs in the underworld.

The students explored the underworld in Greek literature, considering what happened to a soul after death and underworld mythology, such as the stories of Orpheus and Sisyphus. The students enjoyed the topic and taking part in their choice of a challenge, including crafting a creative response to one of the stories, or checking their knowledge of the facts through our tricky crossword. They also tried the pomegranate seeds which led to Persephone spending a third of the year in the underworld! Eva G. in Year 8 called it,

 'An intellectual club that makes learning about these myths exciting and memorable!’

We congratulate the Year 12 students on successfully inspiring the younger members of the school to explore the classical world. You can find out more about Classical Civilisation at St Mary's by following this link.