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St Mary's students win The Rotary Club of Cambridge's annual photographic competition

St Mary's students win The Rotary Club of Cambridge's annual photographic competition

Each year, the Rotary Club of Cambridge hosts an annual photographic competition, the Young Photographers Competition, which encourages young people from all schools and college communities to put their photography skills to the test and interpret a theme. This year’s theme was ‘Colours of Nature’, asking students and young people to show their photographic flair for capturing the hues and vibrancy of the natural world. We are incredibly proud to announce that St Mary’s students won 2 of the 4 age categories, with our students also taking second place. 

Daisy D. in Year 12 won the prize in the senior category with her beautiful image Evening Colours of August, taken with a Canon EOS 500D with 18-55 zoom lens at sunset in Hunstanton, Norfolk. The image is of a vibrant sunset over a low Norfolk tide, the hues of the sky reflected in the winding water leading up to the setting sun on the horizon. Daisy said:

‘I took this photo with a from a sand dune that overlooks that sea and beach. This photograph captures for me the perfect atmosphere of tranquillity, displaying the beautiful colours of nature. I’m so pleased to have won such a prestigious photographic competition’. 

Year 9 art scholar Madeleine H. also won the intermediate category with her autumnal image Natural Hues. She took this photograph, depicting dewy leaves glistening in the sun, using a Canon EOS 850D. As an art scholar, Madeleine often experiments with photographic and digital art concepts. 

Both students’ work will feature in The Cambridge Independent on Wednesday 2nd March 2022, and their work will be entered into the next round of the competition, the District level. 

Daria S. in Year 13 placed second in the Senior Competition with her serene image Meadow of Tranquility, and Nadine M.K. in Year 9 came second in the Intermediate Competition with her photograph Autumnal Colours

Ms Conroy Head of  Visual Arts said,

‘We actively encourage our students to venture into photography as a means to experiment with their creativity. It is part of our ethos to promote and support students entering works into competitive events. We are delighted by all of these students' achievements and will continue to support Daisy and Madeleine as their work enters the district level competition’. 

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