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St Mary's students' designs enter Linnean Society Special Species Gallery

St Mary's students' designs enter Linnean Society Special Species Gallery

Did you know that every species on Earth has its own unique scientific name that is chosen by the individual or team that discovers it? The name usually reflects something about the species itself. Carl Linnaeus came up with the 'binomial' naming system, which means two names. Every species is known by two names - for example, we are Homo sapiens (meaning human thinking, or wise). Year 8 Youth STEMM award and Year 12 Gold STEMM award candidates created their own special species during an Extra Curricular STEMM session earlier this year. Some students used resources from Linnean learning for inspiration, whilst others used the power of their imagination!

They came up with their own special species by combining different Latin or Greek words and imagining what the species would look like, and why the species might have developed those features through evolution. As well as producing detailed illustrations of their species, students also thought about the habitat, diet and special characteristics of their species. 

A selection of the special species was chosen by Science Technicians Holli Bielby and Emma Alonso, who ran the in-school competition, to enter the Linnean Learning online showcase. The entries were then judged by the Linnean society and they chose to share their favourites in their Special Species Gallery on Instagram.

All entrants were also recognised in the Spring end-of-term prize giving, receiving certificates for their efforts, and a few of the chosen entries were on display in the Chemistry department for duration the Spring term.

Well done to all the students on their brilliant designs. You can find out more about the Youth STEMM award at St Mary’s here.