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St Mary's librarian curates Christmas book list

St Mary's librarian curates Christmas book list

With the winter holiday upon us, LRC manager, Mrs Jakso, has put together a list of books to enjoy over the break, from cosy Christmas tales to gripping reads. We wanted to share her recommendations, to help select a book for that bookworm in your life, an extra stocking-filler, or even your own next read.


Presents for KS3 pupils


1. The Middler by Kirsty Applebaum

2. Wonderscape by Jennifer Bell

3. Rat by Patrice Lawrence

4. When life gives you mangoes by Kereen Gerteen

5. Across the Risen Sea by Bren Macdibble


Nexts reads for KS3 pupils


1. The Crossing by Manjeet Mann

2. Tremendous Things by Susin Nielson

3. Medusa by Jessie Burton

4. The Beast Player by Nahoka Uehashi

5. No Country by Joe Brady


KS4 Pupils


1. I, Ada by Julia Gray

2. The Boy I am by K.L. Kettle

3. The Dark Lady by Akala

4. Bone Music by David Almond

5. The Sound of Everything by Rebecca Henry


Sixth Form and adults


1. The Dictionary of Lost Words by Pip Williams

2. Madhouse at the end of the Earth by Julian Sancton

3. 39 Ways to Save the Planet by Tom Heap

4. The Women of Troy by Pat Barker

5. The Island of Missing Trees by Elif Shafak


Looking for something full of Christmas cheer? Try...

Merry Christmas from Mrs Jakso and everyone at the St Mary’s school library! Find out more about our LRC here.