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St Mary’s Dance Showcase lights up the night

St Mary’s Dance Showcase lights up the night

St Mary’s hosted a spectacular evening of dance performances for parents, staff and students at the end of February, showcasing the exceptional talent of its Senior School and Sixth Form dance students and scholars. 

The annual Dance Showcase was a culmination of months of hard work and preparations by the students and St Mary’s specialist Dance Coordinator, Miss Baldock. The result was a stunning display of different dance disciplines including tap, ballet, contemporary and lyrical. Each performance was unique and reflected each dancer’s individual dance styles and personalities. There were also many self-choreographed pieces.

The show opened with an enthralling performance from eight students – Tobi A., Rose A., Norah B., Eleanor H-W., Marnie J., Leni J-M., Orla M., and Alexandra R. who danced beautifully to Spectrum and set the tone for the night. This was followed by a captivating solo performance by Hei Yi M. student to Play.  A trio of pupils – Charlotte B., Lily F. and Elisabeth R. then took to the stage to give their interpretation of Movement. The night went on with a powerful solo by Leah F. dancing to Kathy’s Song by Simon & Garfunkel. Five pupils then treated guests to an upbeat performance to Anti Fragile – Catherine J., Rennie Y., Victoria Y., Gaby C. and Kasey Y.

Louise Powell, Director of Sport at St Mary’s School, Cambridge, said:

“What a fantastic night of dancing we witnessed at St Mary’s! It was clear to see the hard work and dedication that went into delivering the show. It all came together perfectly on the night, and I was so impressed with the girls’ fantastic efforts. The thunderous applause from the audience showed the girls how amazing they were. Creative and performing arts are an integral aspect of our education programme at St Mary’s and it was great to showcase the talent of our dancers, as well as the dedication of Miss Baldock, in our Dance Showcase. Well done to everyone involved!”

Further performances included:

  • Two students setting the stage alight to Cha Cha Cha – Eleanor H-W., Marnie J.
  • A mature interpretation of Alice’s Theme from Norah B.
  • An emotionally charged performance to Elastic Heart by Tobi A. and Orla Mc-W.
  • An elegant and considered solo to Applause from Alex L.
  • Five students performed confidently to Boss Ladies – Lottie D., Maisie D., Emma L., Mary Mc-M. and Eva N.
  • A stunning solo from a Year 8 pupil, Lauren A. to Telephone
  • A duo of students – Cheryl G., and Philippa R. who captivated audiences with their performance of Cry

To conclude the evening:

  • A group of 18 Year students moved seamlessly to Trouble
  • Pia O. delighted the audience with her emotional interpretation of Silent Cry
  • Charlotte B. and Lily F. mesmerized audiences with their performance to One Way or Another
  • Izzy A. in Year 10 delivered a perfectly coordinated and jazzy tap routine to Puttin’ On The Ritz
  • Younseo B. and Kaylie I. danced to Hype Boy
  • Mary Mc-M. performed to Ocean Eyes
  • Marnie J. and Eleanor H-W. gave a perfectly timed routine to Skyfall
  • Niamh B. and Elisabeth R. danced effortlessly to Runaway Baby

St Mary’s is the ideal setting for any budding dancer to pursue their dancing career, alongside their studies. GCSE Dance is an option available to students, and the school has a bespoke dance studio in the Sixth Form; a dedicated sound and light technician; and a full-size stage with professional lighting and sound. It also stages a biennial dance showcase and musical production.

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