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Spring Poem competition winners announced

Spring Poem competition winners announced

We are delighted to be able to announce the winners of our joint 'The Promise of Spring' Poetry Competition for Years 5-7. Congratulations to Samskriti, Imogen and Izabella, who won the competition, and as a result each won a £10 Amazon gift voucher. You can read their winning poems below.

Spring Poem

Spring weaves,

through the calm, glistening waterfall,

frolicking in the relaxed waters,

singing for nature to arrive,

and then glides in the cool breeze.

Spring flutters

into the dormant orchid,

dancing in and out of the gloomy branches,

twirling, reviving the dark wood,

buds blossom and leaves dreamily awake,

and then she moves on.

Spring leaps,

into the lulling lake,

skipping along the water lilies,

glimpsing at the unique dragonfly,

and then she hums with nature's music and flies.

Spring soars,

to the drifting clouds,

gazing down to all the beautiful places she's been,

delighted with her touch on the world,

realising her creations not only sealed the end of the harsh winter,

But she also brought love and joy to others.

By Samskriti P., Year 7


The snow has fallen crisp and white,

Something’s peeping through the light.

A little sproutling I can see,

At the bottom of an old oak tree.


A little shoot, a little flower,

Reminds us Spring is taking power.

Over time the shoot will grow,

The flower white as mistletoe.


A ray of sun bursts through the leaves,

As snowdrops shelter beneath the trees.

Heads are poking through the snow,

Wondering if it’s safe to grow.


A never-ending carpet spread,

Of little, tiny snowdrop heads.

They’re slowly uncurling towards the sun,

Giving hope that Spring has come.

By Imogen C.

A Hopeful Springtime!

Hope, grows and flourishes like a blossoming flower.

Hope, grows inside one, wishing, hoping of better things to come!


Hope, when one is unsure of what the world will bring,

we can only have hope to encourage us to laugh and sing!


Hope, has a place in everyone's heart.

Cherry blossoms growing in the trees like a glorious piece of art! 


Hope, remember when hope seems afar and the pieces are falling apart.

Let us not forget that God has written our path!


Hope. A Hopeful Springtime is all we need.

Let us spread the joy and let nature take the lead! 

By Izabella A., 5L